We are pleased to announce that Deutsche Bahn’s web-based information system for nature conservation and compensation became operational at the end of February 2016. The econauten responsible for the requirements engineering and product owner Deutsche Bahn Environment are proud to have contributed to this IT system.

Read more about the project in our //case study.

Interventions in nature and landscape in the context of Deutsche Bahn infrastructure projects must be compensated for in a meaningful way. With the new IT system going live, these compensation measures are able to be managed effectively across the entire company. Furthermore, the state of these measures can be reported on digitally to the Federal Railway Authority (Eisenbahn-Bundesamt).

The web-based technical information system was successfully implemented within strict timeframes and to Deutsche Bahn’s exacting standards, proving that it is possible to build a future-proof enterprise-capable IT system using agile methods and open-source components. 

We would like to thank the great team and all our partners:
DB Umwelt – Client
DB Systel – Project und Operations Manager
Ancud IT – Software developer
Camunda BPM – Developer Business Process Management System

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