Piloting Your Digital Transformation

In difficult waters, captains rely on experienced pilots. A good idea – even in challenging digitalisation projects! As experts for Digital Transformation, we moderate the dialogue between business and IT experts and advise organisations on optimising their IT strategy. The automation of business processes, the use of open source technology and the coaching of agile project teams are the focal points of our work.

Benefit from our vendor-independent expertise in all phases of your project. From planning to realisation to implementation in the company’s daily routine. Should your IT project struggle at any time, we intervene and help steer you back on the right course. //Get us on board!

13. October 2021, 12:19

How the shortage of skilled workers slows down digitization projects and what organizations can do about it

If you want to renew your passport in Berlin, you need patience and strong nerves. An online search on for any appointment at any location has yielded exactly 0 hits for months. Is the main reason for such poor digitization incompetence at management level, or are there other causes? One could be: Skilled labor//read more