Piloting Your Digital Transformation

For over 10 years we have guided organisations in digitising their business processes. We structure requirements, coach agile project teams and translate when project members don’t yet speak the same language.

Even experienced captains need a pilot’s direction in difficult waters. With business and IT projects it’s just the same. With us on board they sail around cliffs and shallows when their processes, IT landscapes and organisational structures change. We make sure Digital Transformation projects stay the course even in rough seas.

Draw on our vendor-independent expertise during all phases of your project. From planning and structuring to realisation and implementation. Should your IT project struggle at any time, we intervene and help steer you back on course.

Is your organisation facing Digital Transformation? Would You like to learn more about increasing your organisation’s efficency with automated processes, case and decision management to make your customers even happier? Then don’t hesitate to //talk to us.

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11. September 2017, 15:45

New Springer book – BPM Cases

With the new Springer book "Business Process Management Cases - Digital Innovation and Business Transformation in Practice" the editors Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke and Prof. Dr. Jan Mendling are presenting the first comprehensive summary of real world BPM cases. We are proud to be part of it with "Managing Environmental Protection processes via BPM at Deutsche Bahn" being one of the 31 cases in this book. //read more

21. March 2016, 17:40

Speaking at Gartner BPM Summit in London

Redesigning processes for greater value - Reimaging work and business operations - Enabling business transformation through process management. These were the hot topics on this year’s Gartner BPM Summit in London. Gartner senior analysts presented what should be on the agenda of today’s decision makers. //read more

28. February 2016, 18:38

FINK launches successfully

We are pleased to announce that Deutsche Bahn’s web-based information system for nature conservation and compensation became operational at the end of February 2016. //read more